Australia Project

Three young Australian designers have initiated a really interesting project that aims to capture the essence of this great country we live in. Yianni Hill, Chris Edser and Scott Heinrich have curated a collection of images and ideas submitted by creative talents from a vast array of disciplines, all over Australia.

Browsing through the various ideas of Australian-ness is a wonderful insight into the attitude of our national psyche. Irreverence, humour, anti-authority, social inclusion, wry observations, personal nostalgia, wimsy and more make up the collection and give the viewer a deep and rich understanding of the nature of the Australian spirit.

My submission, Life is but a dream…, is shown here and is an image of my father and my son in a rowing boat while celebrating Australia Day, representing the multiple generations of Australians who are able to enjoy the good life in a land made hospitable by the long forgotten exiles of our historical past.

For an insight into the project and to view other submissions, visit the Australia Project website.


Nic Eldridge holds considerable experience relating to corporate identity and brand management.

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